Business goes to school



  • Concepting
  • Video Production
  • Casting
  • Editorial
  • VFX
  • Sound Design & Mix
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The Challenge

Redefine Squarespace beyond a portfolio platform and spotlight into its Course capabilities.

The Spark

What if we showcased the modern businessperson - young, diverse, artistic - and illustrated their ability to educate their audience, beyond just selling products, using Squarespace Courses.

The Delivery

It wasn’t enough to educate the audience on Courses. We knew we had to engage them too. Directed by Miles and AJ, the film spotlights modern business owners with a knack for teaching too. Following their eclectic passions - floral design, makeup, cooking - this visually immersive film gave the audience a lesson in Squarespace Courses, and had them enjoying class while learning about it.