SixTwentySix is a full-service creative studio reimagining how brands engage with today’s audience through innovative storytelling. Our diverse roster of visionary creatives are rewriting the rules of storytelling and visual expression, driven by our shared values and unique perspectives.

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Starting out producing music videos, we learned a lot. Be nimble and collaborative. Make every penny count. And always sing to the tune of culture. Over the years, our music video cred grew, and grew, and grew some more. Today, it’s not that we stopped doing music videos, it’s that we started doing a whole lot more. We earned our stripes, made some new friends, and now, we’ve grown into a full-service creative, production, and post studio.

As we grew, the stories we brought to life did too. Stories that broke the internet, inspired people, opened minds. Stories that don’t just reflect culture, they shape it. Stories that are shared, stories that grow. It might be easier said than done, but let us explain. See, we were brought up in the digital generation. We are creators, producers, artists, and most importantly, consumers too. Most of the time, we are your target audience.

We’re not just comfortable in the modern cultural frequency, we thrive from and drive the wave. We recognize that setting new trends means shaking the status quo. We understand that a :06 can be just as impactful as a :60. We know your team has many layers, and we know how to integrate into them. We know you want your campaign to be seen, heard, and culturally felt. And we know while some projects can make it rain, others need to ball on a budget.


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Meet the core team at SixTwentySix


Co-Founder /
Executive Producer

jake krask

Co-Founder /
Managing Director

jonny edwards

Executive Producer /
Head of Production

carleigh finch

Executive Producer /
Head of Business Development


Senior Post Producer

Our Core Values

We believe passion makes perfect. That’s why for us every project is an opportunity to contribute to something extraordinary. This isn't just work, it's our chance to collectively innovate and inspire each other, our clients, and the world.