Lord, forgive us for this one.



  • Research & Strategy
  • Concepting
  • Video Production
  • Photography
  • Casting
  • Editorial
  • VFX
  • Sound Design & Mix
  • Color
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The Challenge

Break the internet - again - with a racy, provocative music video for Lil Nas X’s single, “J Christ”.

The Spark

What if we empowered Lil Nas X’s to live out his artistic fantasies to the fullest extent.

The Delivery

In partnership with the platinum-record cultural phenom, we put the powerhouse artist in front of, and behind, the camera to bring his wildest imaginations to life for his track. Written and directed by Lil Nas X, the video visualizes religious motifs and themes in biblical proportions - a glammed-up catwalk down the gates of heaven, an apocalyptic parting of the seas, and even a 1 on 1 gladiator-style pickup game with Satan himself.