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The Challenge

Redefine pecans from a traditional holiday nut to a surprising everyday snack.

The Spark

What if we flipped common perceptions about pecans in a humorous, relatable, absurdist way.

The Delivery

Directed by Evan Bourque, the trio of Eat Pecans films took audiences on a comedic journey of what the modern pecan brings to the table. From a grandma who hilariously learns there’s more to pecans than just pie from her Gen Z granddaughter, to a dad who forges an unlikely bromance with a pecan-eating squirrel, to an inside look at a “pecan tasting lab”, the three films leverage edgy humor and just the right amount of absurdity to not only entertain audiences, but reposition pecans from a seasonal staple to an essential and delicious part of the modern snack repertoire.